selling textbook overstocks made easy

Carolina Book Company is an approved book broker agency serving education throughout the United States. Founded in 1987. CBC, began as a retail & wholesale business serving, K12 schools and colleges in eastern North Carolina. Today, our company serves customers throughout the United States.

Our Goal...

CBC specializes in finding that “place” for all textbook overstock books, resulting in a revenue stream for your school.

Not all textbooks can be sold, leaving schools to ask, "How do we dispose of books in a responsible way?" Truth is, many schools simply do not have a "go to" option or a staff member willing to handle the hard work associated with that task.

By using this site you will learn better ways to sell your book overstocks, or if you are a student just wanting to sell books for some cash you came to the right place.

Our clients are...

  • K12 Schools & Districts
  • College/University
  • Private & Parochial
  • Academy & Early College
  • Distance Education
  • Home Schools
  • Students & Teacher

Our Employees...

Our staff consist of book and education professionals.

Our goal is to make sure we give every customer the best choices available today to dispose overstock textbooks.

Our guarantee offers...Start today and see the difference CBC can make!